Self Image, Self Talk, & High Performance (Multiple Speakers)


"Our external environment is a reflection of our internal environment. So to have the external results, we first must accomplish our internal."

The MindAim Conference showcases 3 Industry leaders to help you win your inner game in happiness, purpose and achievement.

Presenting at the MindAim Conference are a number of speakers including very special guest Aymen Fares. Aymen has over 20 years experience in the personal development industry. He is the founder and premier contributor of and has coached, lead and transformed thousands of people on his journey.

Aymen will be sharing his expertise through ‘How to Achieve your Potential in 3 steps: Mind, Emotion & Energy’

The second speakers are Dom & Karina McKenna who have built the Entrepreneur Club into one of Australia's most successful Meet-Up groups, hosting many extraordinary guests whilst bringing nearly 12 thousand people together. Read the below article on

Dom is also the co-author of a best selling book and together with Karina they’re leaders of an international mentorship program that sees them travel all over Australia and internationally to present to large audiences, sharing their wisdom and experience with the world. They’re the managing directors of a successful marketing agency and in their spare time also direct a non-profit youth organisation. On top of all this, they still make time to be parents!

Dom & Karina will be sharing with us their story as well as presenting ‘The Power of Self-Belief, The Growth Mindset & Developing Personal Leadership’

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