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If you're a student of The Law of Attraction, you've likely heard the phrase "Act As If". Acting as though you are already living the life that you want to experience daily -- What I refer to as "The Exceptional Life", is a powerful tool in helping you to manifest your desires even faster that you thought possible.

Where I have gotten stuck in the past is not knowing "how" to act as if and not feeling like I had a safe environment in which to practice. It was my intention in creating this community, to create a space in which we could get together and speak our dream lives into existence. Each meeting will allow you to step into your future vision and interact with others as if you are currently living your dream vision -- whether that means business is rocking, you just hit the #1 spot on the New York Times for the 35th week in a row or just returned from a first class luxury vacation. This party is literally a vision board on steroids!

Come play with us, have fun with it and watch the transformation begin in front of your eyes.

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