A Myers Briggs Social Event - Sunday

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Lincoln's Inn Fields

Lincoln's Inn Fields · London

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Hi All,

I am organizing a social event with a bit of a quirk and I would like to invite everyone in this group to whom this might sound interesting.

This is a themed social event where most participants are interested in the "Myers Briggs". The Myers Briggs, or often abbreviated MBTI is a personality type indicator based on Jungian Psychology. Without making this too complicated, its a bunch of nerds (Including me) dabbling in how personality theory can be used for matching with sexual partners, resolving conflicts, finding the most suitable job for individuals, and so on. Its a theory, and its about as useful as solving a rubrics cube, so its practical application is limited, but what you will find in this event is curious minds and deep thinkers and feelers.

You don't need previous knowledge of the MBTI to attend this event. We usually have over 50 people attending and there are a number of people who know next to nothing, which as mentioned, is not a problem at all. The group naturally splits into smaller groups where some talk about the MBTI and some talk about something completely different. I'm usually the portion which talk about something completely different because I enjoy the peoples presence more than anything and I've also spent years talking about this topic. What is in common between everyone attending is that they usually dislike small-talk, and they will dabble in deeper topics which have meaning. You might be asked about your personality type, which can be found with a 15 minute online test by following this link:


I've been interested for several years now, and I've personally hosted about 10-20 of these and attended about 40. This event tends to attract an exceptionally disproportionate number of rare personalities, so if you are looking for a social event that is not quite like all the other social events then this is the one for you!.

This event being hosted in the park means we are extremely weather dependent so keep an eye out for a venue change to a local pub 1-2 days before the event.

This event will be advertised in the main MBTI group which you can follow to find out more about the people:


Basic information about MBTI if you want to read (not required):


Cost: Free

Address: Lincoln's Inn Fields, Lincoln's Inn Fields · London, WC2A 3TL

Feel free to bring your own snacks, or activities that you may wish enjoy and/or get other people involved in.

Any suggestions keep them coming in the comments section. If you are late to the event, that is no problem at all, just come as usual and mingle with the group.

Contact No.:[masked]

Valentin Todorov - Organiser

p.s. ----
The obvious question to some interested souls might remain... What is my type? Its the INTJ personality type, you can just google the 4 letters to find out more.

Note: The pin is in the exact location where we will be. Also, I will post a live link of my location on the day. Check the comments out an hour or so before the event for this. We will be one of the bigger groups in the park (generally 30-50 people), so it shouldnt be too hard to identify us like that too.