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When it comes to gaming, especially role playing, the people who understand it best (in my opinion) have always been the artists. Painters, musicians, actors, writers, dancers, and any others who live in the world of creativity always seem to intuitively understand how to collectively create a story that takes place in another world. It is my aim to assemble a group of these exceptional individuals who can see beyond the monotonous waking world and create new ones that are to our liking. So, if your creative nature calls you to dwell in a dimension of adventure and insanity, consider The Faculty of Imagining as a sanctuary.

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I would like to get together and see what everyone would like to do.

I would appreciate input on what locations would be convenient and what times would work as well. As soon as I get an idea on these things, I will schedule a proper meetup and we can go from there.

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The Way of the Sword

Congress of Gamers

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