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This group is created for the open-minded and good-willing person who seeks for the meaning, true peace and fulfilling of human existence. We invite any such guest to come over and start discovering what we believe to be the most important and genuine secrets of God and Jesus Christ, spiritual and material creation, life after the physical death and the Second Coming as revealed in the still much unknown XIX-th century prophetic writings of Jakob Lorber ( http://the-new-revelation.weebly.com/jakob-lorber.html ) and Gottfried Mayerhofer ( http://the-new-revelation.weebly.com/gottfried-mayerhofer.html ), known today as The New Revelation of Jesus Christ ( https://the-new-revelation.weebly.com/about-the-new-revelation.html ). These teachings that comprise more than 10,000 pages confirm, explain and even fulfil the known Christian Scriptures ( https://the-new-revelation.weebly.com/support-for-christianity.html ), express everywhere the supreme, unconditional love of God and all-derived moral virtues and reveal countless fundamental spiritual and natural facts ( https://the-new-revelation.weebly.com/fundamental-teachings.html ), including scientific predictions and prophecies about the actual End Time and the Second Coming of Christ ( https://the-new-revelation.weebly.com/prophecies-and-scientific-predictions.html ). We can find in them a comprehensible answer to all the fundamental questions of humanity, particularly those addressing the necessary moral guidance ( https://the-new-revelation.weebly.com/messages-for-lords-children.html ) and the faith's most difficult issues ( https://the-new-revelation.weebly.com/answers-to-faith-related-issues.html ).

The New Revelation is a unique and revolutionary Christian teaching, supported by thousands of believers all over the world, but not by any particular church or representative organisation. Due to the diligence of volunteering translators, they can be found today, for free, in English, as also in many other European languages, on the Internet. For reference, please see: The Books of the New Revelation ( https://archive.org/details/BeyondTheThreshold ), Thematic excerpts from the New Revelation ( https://archive.org/details/TheLordAsAPoorManHG2 ), The New Revelation of Jesus Christ website ( http://www.the-new-revelation.weebly.com ), His New Word ( http://www.hisnewword.org ) and Messengers of the New Revelation ( https://www.facebook.com/NewRevelationofJesus/ ) (on FB). We also have a couple of presentation pages (https://www.meetup.com/The-Fellowship-of-th... (https://www.meetup.com/The-Fellowship-of-the-New-Revelation-New-York/about/) ) containing topics of real interest, here on this group's website.

Our motto here, if allowed to suggest it, will be: "Let all that go - hold only on to love." (Explanation of Scriptures 108 f. - Jacob Lorber).

A picture (in fact 2:-)) of what can be found in the New Revelation...



We think that any group of people following the teachings of the New Revelation (which are at the core, truly none other than those of the New Testament) can only become one of real friends, brothers and sisters, united by the bonds of love for God, creation, humanity and each other. What such a group could never become is a worldly institutions or a cult, because that would betray its respect for the teachings. For truly, although the New Revelation was created more than 140 years ago, there was never a church, a sect or a secret organisation related to it, as that would have been in a fatal contradiction with its content invalidating any personal authority/ intercession, and promoting only the pure love for God and fellowman. Christians, in particular, are encouraged to stay in their churches, but also to be real Christians, in spirit and in truth, and thus, hold on to the word of the Scriptures and never develop attachments to ceremonies, rites, traditions and made man religious regulations.

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