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We go see rare and hard to find film classics from the 60's, 70's and 80's. Some great movies! Often times, They will have the actors producers directors and writers there to introduce the films. They have two theaters One in Hollywood the other Santa Monica.

I go back and forth between the Valley and Santa Monica and to Hollywood. I love films and belong to the American Cinemateque which often shows double features, special appearances, Free screenings and many other things. Last December I saw both Lawrence of Arabia and 2001 Space Odyssey at the Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. Each week I will select a great screening that I would like to invite people from Santa Monica, the Valley and all over Los Angeles to join me for a fun evening of movies, coffee and if time allows a quick bite before the showings. I will include descriptions, locations and start times. The theaters will include the Aero Theater in Santa Monica, Egyptian in Hollywood and the New Bev Cinema on Beverly Blvd. As well as the Nuart Theatre, Laamle's and many others. Hope you'll join me! I have another group of Film lovers already, The American Cinemateque Valley Film Meet up group, for people coming from the Valley mostly. If you love good films, classics, rare and hard to find gems, Indie films, listening to Q & As, making friends with similar interests, try my group!

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City Hall with special appearance by Al Pacino

Aero Theatre

National Velvet with Elizabeth Taylor and Mickey Rooney
The Man from Snowy River

New Bev Cinema

Dial M For Murder and the Glass Web

Aero Theatre

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