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Ever been HURT by someone or some situation and have struggled to get past it?

** There are so many roadblocks that can keep us from moving through and moving on in life.
** The Forgiveness Cycle Discussion Group is a six week event that will explore what keeps us from getting over the pain and the hurt as well learn easy to use techniques that will help us to forgive.

** Find out how the emotional pain from hurt in our lives affects our happiness...our relationships...our future.

** Understand what we often do with our emotional pain and how to change the destructive patterns that lead to further unhappiness.

** Learn how we can help ourselves get out of the emotionally painful ruts we get stuck in.

** Acquire specific easy-to-use methods that set us free from life-long emotional pain.


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** Website For More Info: http://www.theforgivenesscycle.com

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