What we're about

Calling all Lifestyle Designers

This is a Meetup founded on the principles of the 4 Hour Work Week. Like so many others, I left my job and got into startups after reading The Four Hour Work Week.

There are 14 of these Meetups globally and I hope Wellington will build another strong community.

We shall have case studies on guest lectures on 4HWW principles

People we are trying to attract

- Highly motivated humans looking to share trade secrets in improving efficiency in career, entrepreneurship and daily tasks

- Open minded & resourceful

- Willing to share and collaborate

What we are looking to avoid

- People with a "Get rich quick" attitude

- Big Ideas with no execution

- A "fad" culture


Sharing of knowledge that underpins the 80/20 rule to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes of efficiency and lean driven success.

Opportunity to meet efficient humans, collaborate on projects, learn new life hacks, mentorship

Ps you don't have to be a rockstar but there will be little appetite for dreamers, just doers :)

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