What we're about

The Frederick Jungian Society hosts a variety of social activities, lectures, and workshops based upon the life work of Carl Gustav Jung. We gather for personal growth, engaging conversation, and to celebrate what is shared within humanity and all its great mystery.

Courses are offered year round, ranging from single lectures and workshops to multi-week classes. Some of these offerings will bear CEs and CEUs for professional caregivers. For more information, visit our website, at www.frederickjungiansociety.org.

The Frederick Jungian Society invites your membership, participation, and support. We are still a young society, seeking to grow with support from local people who wish to expand their knowledge and understanding of human psychology through the works or this important thinker.

Upcoming Lectures and Workshops:

The Unconscious and its Symbols

The Archetypes

Jung’s Psychological Types

Psychological Problems and Disorders

The Active Imagination

Dream Analysis

Psychic Energy

The Mandala


Addiction - A Jungian Perspective

The Poetry of Rumi

Alchemy & Personal Change

The Qualities of Mystical Experience

Individuation: A Complex, Rewarding Journey

Virtue and Vice in Narnia and Middle Earth

Work, Fail, Repeat - Contemporary Life and the Enduring Myth of Sisyphus

Trickster as Catalyst for Transformation

Encountering the Shadow - Our Hidden Self

Awakening the Heroine - Persephone Rises

Ancestral Memory

Jungian Perspectives on Laudato Si and Ecological Crisis

Prophecy and Psychic Disequilibrium

The Female Hero in Contemporary Film

Trauma and Transformation

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

… and more

Again, welcome all!

Past events (19)

Myers Briggs, Personality and Your Love Life

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JUNGIAN DREAM ANALYSIS - Interactive Workshop

Dove Wellness Institute

The Spirit and Autumn Equinox

Dove Wellness Institute

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