What we're about

We are a healthy mix between buying clubs and an investment group:

- A Buying Club (co-op) is usually made up of a small group of families or households in search of a better or more economical way of purchasing food or other items (services, equipment, etc.) They usually have a common need or philosophy when it comes to spending their time or money on these needs.

- An Investment Group is any number of individuals that pool their money to purchase assets that produce income for all members of the group. An investment group doesn’t have to be limited to investing in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Investment groups may also be formed to start a business together or purchase rental property.

Our focus mainly concerns individuals (ages 22-32) who are not risk averse, young professionals are welcome to join. In any case, this is a money team. We are a collective of people creating products to earn profit, operate, acquire, and invest in a variety of businesses across many verticals. We're also at social events, restaurants, art shows and parties, etc.

[Bittersweet: Expect flakes and set-backs -- but we are friends, who own and enterprise. We are not a summit, or conference; we move as a collective board, a friend group in various ownership of long-term assets.]

You may contact us via BlackNashvilleSociety@gmail.com

Thank you for your curiosity,

P.S. Be comfortable in the idea of Group Chat messaging.

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