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This meet-up is for anyone who is interested in psychological work on the spiritual path.

When we start to see the challenges of life as opportunities to awaken to greater levels of happiness and contentment, the whole world becomes our training ground and we enter into an incredible journey of self discovery. Soon we start to rediscover our true nature of childlike joy, love and contentment.

Whether you are struggling with the spiritual awakening process, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, confidence issues, shyness, trauma or grief, or whether you just feel as if something integral is missing from life - I invite you to join this group so that we can work together to help you transition back to a place of true happiness and contentment.
Chris holds weekly group classes for individuals who are looking to learn how to meditate, deepen in awakening to their true nature and explore the various ways in which we can achieve psychological healing. These classes begin with a deep guided meditation and go on to a question and answer session.

With great love, joy and humour we meet together in a held, open and loving space and explore together how we can bring more happiness into our lives.

​These classes last 2 hours.

Price: £10


Manchester - 4th Floor
National House
36 St Ann Street (off St Ann Square)

M2 7LE

Liverpool - Quaker meeting house.

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