What we're about

This meet-up is for anyone who is interested in exploring the connection between spirituality and psychological health and wellbeing. The group offers opportunities for personal growth, self-reflection and increasing spiritual awareness.

Sharing the steps on the spiritual path with others can offer insights, mutual support and opportunities that can help sustain us on what at times may feel like a difficult journey. Engaging with nature, rediscovering our inner creativity, exercising self-compassion and compassion towards others are ways we can move towards a greater sense of inner peace and rediscover a sense of joy and contentment.

Everyone who joins this group will be at a different place on their spiritual journey and everyone will bring their own unique experiences and understanding. I hope this group will offer a range of opportunities and resources to enhance our spiritual wellbeing through:

- Personal Development Groups and Programmes.

- Reading Groups.

- Workshops and Seminars.

- Discussion Groups to explore Spiritual Themes and Questions.

I look forward to seeing you at a future event.


Past events (19)

Swedenborg Open Learning Centre - Summer Seminar 2021

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Interwoven Summer Seminar Day 2

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Interwoven Summer Seminar Day 1

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Navigating Uncertainty

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