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Humanizing the Future of Work & Cities

People are moving to cities, seeking community, purpose, and the opportunity to create their life’s work. There has been a macro shift toward a new way of working and living—people are focused on meaningful connections and being part of something greater than themselves.

Meanwhile, mobile technology and globalized markets have decentralized power – and the rise of the crowd, platforms, and machines have enabled a more competitive economy.

How will we respond to our changing times? We can fear technological advancement. We can fear a world that is becoming a more interconnected global community. We can turn inward and against each other. Or we can embrace change with optimism and action, and together we can reimagine and humanize the future of work and cities.

The Future of Work is the Future of Cities

The year 2007 marked the first time in human history that a majority of the Earth’s population lived in cities. By 2050 it will be over 70% and by 2020 a majority of the workforce will be millennials. Where will we live, work, and play?

Mayors are leading an urban renaissance around the world. Artists, entrepreneurs, small businesses and global enterprises are making small and large cities their home, revitalizing downtowns, sparking local economies, and strengthening communities.

The economic and cultural benefits that are unique to big and small cities alike – but that aren’t unique to any one city – will provide the foundation and human capital that will drive economic recovery and the new economy in this century.

People, culture and community are the lifeblood of the future of work and cities. WeWork helps people, businesses, and neighborhoods thrive—creating an economic ripple effect and a positive catalyst as cities adapt to meet the changing economy.

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