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The Gaming Guild is here to help promote the local gaming groups around the area to bring a central location for getting your game on!

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The Engine Room East Grinstead - Games Night

The Engine Room

Come down to the Engine Room in East Grinstead to enjoy your favorite games along with a locally sourced drink or two. The event is free of charge. The venue has a few modern games available to play in it's library, but feel free to bring along any others you wish. They also have a superb selection of locally sourced ales and ciders, which I highly recommend you sample. Please be aware that tables are limited in both number and size. The venue is not suitable for large scale games, but has a fantastic cozy atmosphere for smaller table top experiences. If you are looking for a game but are to coming down on your own, speak to David or Scott, who will help you find a table. We are also happy to teach games to groups from the library. Table Reservations are possible, please contact Scott in the first instance to arrange this.

TRINITY Gaming Cafe

TRINITY Church, St John sub Castro


Our bi weekly gaming cafe is back for another week! With board gaming, tabletop miniatures gaming (age of sigmar, 40k, x-wing, underworlds, kill team and more!), card gaming, RPG gaming, console gaming and loads more we have something for everyone! We've got a strong contingent of warhammer players of all varietes, a large and ever growing board game library with lots of players always up for a game, 3 D&D campaigns currently running with more in the pipeline, as well as console set up every event and loads of other games played as well. Theres tuck shop style food and drink available and a great venue, come and join us for a great night of gamey goodness! Open to anyone age 14 or above unaccompanied or 11 - 14 with an accompanying adult, all are very warmly welcome, whether you're a seasoned gamer of a gaming newbie, come and join the fun! Entry is £3 per person or £7 for a family

Horsham Gamers Casual Creation & Board Gaming Event

St John's Church

Did you miss out on the monthly third Monday of the month event? Do not fear, we have your back...or if you even want to join us again for more boardgames, we won't say no! Every second Tuesday of the month Horsham Gamers bring you their FREE* to attend Casual Creation and Board Gaming events so whether you like to play Warhammer, try your hand at Terraforming Mars, running a DnD one-shot/campaign, want to play a classic like Monopoly or simply want to chill with like-minded individuals who love to game all are welcome! Want to keep up to date with all Horsham Gamers events? Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HorshamGamers/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/horshamgamers and check out: http://www.horsham-gamers.co.uk *donations are accepted but not mandatory

Surrey Boardgame Day

Subud Hall

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TRINITY Gaming Cafe

TRINITY Church, St John sub Castro


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