What we're about

In this group we will discuss spirituality, personal growth, and energy.
Looking forward to meet you up!

"You have finally found the gate
the gate has been waiting for you by time
if you are here it means you want to change
you are looking for the path, the path starts from the gate
to change you need the power
to reach the power you will have to make choices
the first choice is to open the gate and enter this group, or leave
The Gate is the door you must open to achieve the power"

Some subjects, we will discuss.

Body language - Limiting fears and negative thoughts - Meditation - Yoga - Hypnosis - Energy of the stones - Tarot cards and hand reading - Non violent communication - Emotional education - DMT, Ayahuasca, mushrooms, substances for healing - Wikka - Spiritism - Chinese medicine - Reiki - Quantum science - Tibetan Astrology - Shamanism - Win dependencies - Karma - Thoughts are energy, the power of visualizations - Positive communication - Sharing - Tantra - Jung psychology

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