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So-Bad-It's-Good Movie Night--Halloween Edition with Low-Key Party Component!

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Event modification!!! We want to include more people, which would mean expanding the scope to include a low-key party component. We'll keep the movie room a little quieter and have more conversation and food in the dining room and patio. No need for costumes (we're too busy and/or lazy), but if you feel like a costume would be fun, then go for it!

Those of you who have been to bad movie night before, you know what you are in for. :0 For the rest of you....If you enjoy bad movies, you are not alone! Movies can be terrible in so many ways....acting, script, special effects.....the opportunities for badness are endless. Some of our personal favorite good/bad movies are Killer Klowns from Outer Space and Night of the Comet. You can bring your favorite bad movies to our house, or just see what the rest of us manage to dig up. Streaming Netflix has turned out to be a good source. Picking the movie can be fun! We have a vote, and then we enjoy the badness in all of its glory.

As always, snack and beverage contributions are fun and welcomed but certainly not required.

***Special Note: We'll have Halloween decorations (we always overdo it) and some Halloween themed food/drinks. Plus, let's see if we can drum up some Halloween themed bad/good movies! Put your thinking caps on, everybody.

Warning: We have far too many pets, so if you have allergies, keep that in mind. Although our new house is more spacious for events, we no longer have a place to stow the cats. There will be two wandering the premises. We also have two birds and a hamster. Is being allergic to hamsters a thing? The birds will be in a closed bedroom. Anyway, hope to see you!