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Dodgeball - Sunshine Edition

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Time to relive elementary school recess by hurling projectiles at each other! We'll bring the balls. The grass will already be there so don't bring your own! Bring your A-game instead!

Anyone can play from beginners to World Champions. We will explain the rules, it’s safe (no head shots), and you’ll have so much fun that you won’t even realize you are getting an awesome workout! Bring your friends… and your frienemies too… because, you know, it’s dodgeball!

** FOOD ** This will also be a potluck so say what you're bringing in your RSVP. JDMorgan Park has grills available if you need.

Ideas for healthy and tasty noms to bring:

protein finger foods (meatballs/chicken fingers/nuggets) cuz we need to re-energize salads pasta sandwiches healthy snacks ** We have plenty of people bringing chips/desserts so please try to bring something else if you're just now signing up. If you really have no idea what to bring, I would suggest bringing some form of liquid, preferably cold if possible. **

We'll also need people to bring :

* Extra folding tables (or picnic blankets)
* Large coolers
* Ice or ice packs for the coolers
* Some camp chairs (for teams that are waiting)
* And don't forget sunscreen/sunglasses for yourselves

** RSVPs/No Shows ** RSVPs close 2 days before the event.

If you're going to RSVP yes and then drop 30 minutes before the event, that's just inconsiderate. The organizers volunteer our time and effort putting on fun events and it's tough to plan properly around mass flakiness. If you've signed up to bring foods/drinks and you no-show, there may be starving/dehydrated geeks - not cool! People that habitually flake from our events will be auto-dropped in advance (yes, we keep track).

We also keep track of people who no-show, and you will be marked for it. Those who have a history of no-shows will be banned from future dodgeball events. Please keep your RSVP up to date.

People are bringing:

Pete - balls, lines, cones, whatever else is missing Hank/PT - balls, cups, plates, napkins, utensils,breakfast pastries Will & Hai - Something salty to eat Elsvette - Chips and dip Anuj - Fruits + Vegetables Sukant - Fruits Julian - Water Eli - Some kind of party platter. Will look for something with protein. Vince - chips David - Cabbage and bacon Wendy - TBD Unemployed Koopa - superior Mexican soda Mark - duck ML - Hummus and chips Kendrick - gingerbread brownies Eric - soda and berries Mark A - Cooler and ice ice baby Hannah - chicken salad Jason X - Salad and fruit Alanna - Bagels Sylvia - Deserts Molly - Deviled eggs Lee - Watermelon Joie #1 - cooler, ice Joi #2 - chicken wings Mark N - Chex Mix Jen - I'll deliciously cooked chicken legs, or ribs Doug - Bucket o' chicken and energy drinks timO - probably some desserts Tristan - finger food of some sort
Shirley - maybe watermelon Chris - I'll bring some KFC... grilled Peter - guacamole and cucumber slices Charlie - water Gina - Either homemade protein cookie bites (like the Powerbar kind) or a thing of Vitamin Water Tom #1 - Drinks and cups Kerri - cheese stuffed veggies Joe - Oh about a salad? Benny - Beef pancakes Michael C - Pizza or fried chicken Corey - Pizza

Here is an awesome map to assist in finding the group at the park:

yay- you made it thru everything on this page! Your prize is an invite to the unofficial meetup after dodgeball! stick around after dodgeball for more info