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Dodgeball - Pre-Turkey-Day Massacre Edition

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Time to relive elementary school recess by hurling projectiles at each other! We'll bring the balls. The grass will already be there so don't bring your own! Bring your A-game instead!

Anyone can play from beginners to World Champions. We will explain the rules, it’s safe (no head shots), and you’ll have so much fun that you won’t even realize you are getting an awesome workout! Bring your friends… and your frienemies too… because, you know, it’s dodgeball!

** FOOD **

This will also be a potluck so say what you're bringing in your RSVP. When in doubt, Safeway has a wide selection in their hot foods section!

Also, please bring a re-usable water bottle. Pete will bring a sports cooler that will have nice cold water.

Ideas for healthy and tasty noms to bring:

* Protein finger foods (meatballs/chicken fingers/nuggets)cuz we need to re-energize,
* salads
* pasta
* sandwiches
* healthy snacks


* Ice or ice packs for the coolers
* Some camp chairs (for teams that are waiting)
* And don't forget water bottle/sunscreen/sunglasses/lawn chair for yourselves

**** If you're still deciding what to bring, we need someone to bring a FOLDUP table, protein (chicken, etc) is always good. Maybe some leafy greens (salad) would be nice ****

Here is a running list of what people are bringing:

• Pete - balls, lines, cones, foldup table, giant water jug ... everyone bring reusable bottles

• Hank/PT - balls, forks, 2 gallons water, ice

• Rachel C - Sandwiches

• Anna T - watermelon

• Brandon M - Chips

• Daniel K - protein

• David A - something involving bacon

• Katherine C - chips and salsa or sodas

• JJJ - plates and napkins

• Eli - Drinks

• Eric W - fruit and cream

• Lianne N - pasta salad

• James DZ - Veggie platter

• Brandon - chicken

• Victor C - water, unless I think of something better

• Christine - Dessert- Cookies/Pie/Cake

• Meegan - hummus and crackers

• Andres - water and protein finger food

• Kirk - <--- ???

• Zeni - <--- ???

• Desiree L - "" <--- ???

• Adriana - "" <--- ???

• Son N - "" <--- ???

• Larry L - "" <--- ???

• Peter - "" <--- ???

• brenton - "" <--- ???

• Marjorie - "" <--- ???

** RSVPs/NO SHOWS ** RSVPs close 1 day before the event.

If you're going to RSVP yes and then drop 30 minutes before the event, that's just inconsiderate. The organizers volunteer our time and effort putting on fun events and it's tough to plan properly around mass flakiness. If you've signed up to bring foods/drinks and you no-show, there may be starving/dehydrated geeks - not cool! People that habitually flake from our events will be auto-dropped in advance (yes, we keep track).

We also keep track of people who no-show, and you will be marked for it. Those who have a history of no-shows will be banned from future dodgeball events. Please keep your RSVP up to date.


Here is a map ( to assist in finding the group at the park:

(Larger map version found here - )

** Dodgeball Rules **

#1. Don't be a douche!

#2. To start a game, touch your endline, ready, set, go, run to centerline, retrieve ball, retreat behind the cones on your side, then you may throw a ball ... after this ignore the cones.

#3. No head shots, thrower is out. If you decide to abuse this rule and use your head as a shield, you're also out per rule #1.

#4. Ball is live if it hits humans. Ball is dead if it hits non-humans (other ball, ground, tree, etc.). Anyone that is hit may save only themself by catching the ball before it hits the ground ... if this happens the thrower is out and the catcher revives a teammate (first out-first in, keep track who's already out when you exit the court).

#5. You may leave your court to reload, you may not enter an opponent's court, including sliding across the centerline at beginning of game. You may not exit your court to avoid being hit, doing so means you're out anyway.

#6. At any time, anyone may count off, "stall 1, stall 2, stall 3, stall 4, stall 5". Anyone throwing a ball resets the stall count. At stall 5 any team that has a ball sacrifices a teammate.

#7. If you have an aversion to being hit, don't play; you're welcome to stay and socialize. It's dodgeball, the objective is to hit opponents with balls, you're going to get hit eventually, it's gonna hurt a little (maybe a lot depending on where you get hit), your ego won't like it, you might get mad, you won't get sympathy. You might get hit by a teammate (a lot of people have terrible aim), you might fall down, you might get struck by lightning, you might get hit by a car, you might die falling out of bed that morning, you might be stung to death by a swarm of bees, you might get skin cancer, a lot could happen and if you think it could be our fault, stay home instead.

In case of disputes, refer to rule #1.