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Boardgame Potluck @ Alex and Catherine's!

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If you are attending any of the other boardgame nights this month (hosting does not count as attending), please wait until Thursday, November 14th to register for this event. We want to make sure that as many people as possible get to participate in a boardgame night each month since they are the most popular event.

Grab your favorite board game and some good food, and bring it on over to my place! Geeky board games welcome (Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan)... though if you're set on playing anything super time-consuming (Risk, Monopoly), your experience might not be as fun/varied.

A bonus note on snacks: Most people come straight from work without getting a chance to eat dinner. Please be considerate and bring something dinnery, and not just snacks. If you don't have time to make something, please consider picking up something dinnery from the ready-made section of the grocery store or something similar. If things need microwaving, heating, etc we can definitely help out with that!

OUR GAMES: 7 Wonders + Cities & Leaders expansions, Archipelago, Bananagrams, Blokus, Carcassonne, Cards Against Humanity + 3 expansions, Chaos in the Old World + expansion, Dixit, Dominion, Love Letter, Munchkin, Pit, Power Grid, Puerto Rico, Race for the Galaxy, Set, Settlers/Cities and Knights of Catan, Slide 5, Ticket to Ride


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