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Fun Boardgame Potluck at Marlene's

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Grab your favorite board game and a nice home made snack, and bring it on over to my place! Geeky board games welcome (Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan)... though if you're set on playing anything super time-consuming (Risk, Monopoly), your experience might not be as fun/varied. I've got room for about 17-18 people, but parking is tight around here, so carpool if you can!

If you have folding chairs you can bring along that would be great too. I have a few but with 20 people attending sitting space might be an issue.


I've decided to post some guidelines for bringing snacks, because too many times now I've been left with enough unopened bags of chips to feed a few sumo wrestlers! You may think I'm crazy for not wanting leftover snacks, but I try to eat healthy most of the time and don't have the storage space for tons of snack food.

Food Rules:

1. Bringing food is not required. I'd honestly rather you bring nothing than bring bags of chips.

*If you don't bring food please bring paper plates, napkins, plastic forks knives spoons or nice sized paper cups. (These items cost money too and it starts to get expensive to host)

2. Bags of chips should be the absolute last resort when it comes to choosing what to bring! Only bring them if you really want to eat them. *If your going to bring chips please bring dip or salsa that goes along with the chips to make them more edible.

3. Don't bring food that you yourself aren't going to eat. Chances are no one else will want to eat it either.

4. Avoid ice cream and other things that need to be kept frozen.

5. Be prepared to take home anything you brought that didn't get eaten.

Thanks for understanding!

**If you change your RSVP, if it is the day before or day of please text me that you've changed your RSVP so I can invite some other last minute people in your place.