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Geeky New Year's Eve Party @ Bhroam's!

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A note from Alex: Please don't RSVP and/or waitlist to more than one New Year's party! Anyone found to be doing this will have their RSVPs and waitlist requests removed from all of the parties. No exceptions!

New Years Eve

Episode 2012

It was the end of the year for the

Rebel Geeks of the Geek Club. They

were on the run from the Straight and

Narrow Minded Citizens of the Populace.

The SNMCotP were going to be out on the

prowl on the infamous New Years Eve.

The rebels need to be alert! The SNMCotP will

try and lure the rebels in with their wily ways.

They will wear amorous clothing. They will

offer excess amounts of alcohol to lower

our geeky resolve. So on the infamous

New Years Eve, The geeks hide out from

from the the roaming patrols of the SNMCotP

and hope to remain safe until the morrow...

If you're a geek and you need a place to hide out from patrols of the SNMCotP, feel free to grab a snack/dinner item/etc and come to the new rebel hide out(my place). If you're a member of the SNMCotP, there is nothing to see here. These aren't the geeks you're looking for. Move along.

Here's the deal. I have a large dining room table that can be used to play board games. One large or two smaller games. I have a TV with video games (kinnect/PS3 move). We can play those, or just use that space to mill and talk... or even watch movies (although I don't suggest it with all the noise. I have a second table that can be brought out if we want more board gaming space. If it isn't too cold, there is a back patio if someone wants a breath of fresh air.

I have a selection of board games, but feel free to bring more over. I don't have that many kinnect/PS3 Move games. If we want to break that out, some more partyish types of video games maybe good.

Feel free to bring any type of food or drink (alcohol is fine). Let's have a grand ol' time ringing in the new year and avoiding the SNMCotP.

Food left over from previous meetups:

4 bags of chips

tub of mini oatmeal raisin cookies

2 ginger beers

6pack of diet pepsi

I have 1 bottle of sparkling apple cider.