Past Meetup

Pulp Fiction Quote-a-long

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Usually, the Action Pack sticks to the great comedies of our time when we're putting together Quote-Along programming. But when you think of quotable movies you can't help but name Pulp Fiction near the top of that list, if only because Samuel L. Jackson made poetry out of vulgarities and Bruce Willis taught us it was okay to call a woman a mongoloid as long as you do it affectionately.

But just because the theater will be filled with Pulp Fiction fans yelling "motherf*$#@er" and quoting fake Bibles versus at the top of their lungs doesn't mean this isn't going to be one of the best quote-alongs ever. Our favorite quotes will be up on the screen for you to quote along with karaoke style, and we're also making this thing a shoot-along by handing out cap guns to everyone. Because nothing seemed more fun than saying, "And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee!" while unloading a clip full of caps.

Before the film we'll also be taking volunteers to compete in our own Jack Rabbit Slim's Twist Competition, so snatch up that black wig you've been wanting and slide off your shoes if you wanna win! (Just don't accidentally snort heroin in the bathroom beforehand--we don't have any adrenaline shots.)

Now with cap guns!