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On the way to Ultra Miami and Paradise

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Hey whats up guys so I am making my epic return back home to Miami, FL, with a couple new and awesome friends and looking to spread the word to possibly have more friends join us on this road trip to my paradise...and if you can't drive come by plane, bus, train but we have one car already going and more people come the bigger the vehicle. We are leaving on Wednesday 3/26/14 from Houston, TX and coming back 4/2/14. Some of us are going to enjoy the beaches, others to enjoy the fishing and unique nightlife of Miami, but then there are us the few going to one of the biggest EDM festival in the world, Ultra Music Festival. It will be life changing, mind blowing, and a once in a lifetime experience.l Even if you don't go to UMF there will be after parties, bonfires, the beaches at night, a little bit of don't think about lets go to the road leading to paradise...
Tell your friends, tell your friends friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, everybody...the family dog...

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