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Waxing and Manscaping for men
Wax party is the new fun way to get your waxing done, watch how it's done and socialise with other like minded guys. If you have always been curious about how waxing is done this is the perfect opportunity to see in person someone else getting waxed and get all your questions answered at the same time. You might have had your back waxed and want to try out a Brazilian but would like to see how it goes first. Or you may be thinking about having a waxing treatment for the first time and just want to have a go on a small area before going for a full treatment. And what's best, you get to meet and talk to other guys who are into male grooming! You prepay a fee of £15 which goes towards any treatment you will have on the day. You can pay cash or card on the day if you decide to have more treatments. • Penis shaft (also known as the optical inch as it makes your billy look longer) - £10 • Speedo line (the sides of the groin) - £15 • Crack (around the anus) - £10 • Underarms - £10 • Eyebrows - £10 • Nostrils - £10 • Lower back - £15 • Upper back and shoulders - £15 • Full back and shoulders - £25 • Full chest and abs - £25 • Full Brazilian (penis, scrotum, groin, cheeks and crack) - £40 • Penis, scrotum and groin - £30 • Cheeks and crack - £25 If you are not ready yet for waxing and just want to watch you can choose to have one of the following hair trimming with clippers: • Back trimming - £15 • Chest trimming - £15 • Brazilian trimming (groin area) - £15 Join us in this fun and informative afternoon and make friends along the way! Will I have to be naked? Well that depends, if you decide to have a treatment you will need to remove at least your shirt, if you do go for an intimate waxing or trimming you will need to strip down to your birthday suit. Regardless remember this is a safe, friendly and non-judgemental environment with other like minded guys, so you can feel comfortable at all times. If you want you can just remove your clothes for the treatment or you can spend the whole event in your undies or naked. What if I get a hard-on? Let's be adults about this. An erection is a perfectly normal reaction, we are all guys and we have all seen it before. So don't worry, no one is going to judge you. Just keep in mind this is a friendly, save, professional environment , we are here to socialise, chat and learn about what it's like to get waxed, you will be expected to behave appropriately at all times. What if I just want to watch and chat? That's absolutely fine. When you register you will be asked if you want to have a treatment, if not you can just hang around with the guys and have your glass of wine. I do encourage you though to at least have a go so you know how it feels, it can be a tiny little strip of wax anywhere in your body. First timers usually say it doesn't hurt nearly as much as they had anticipated.


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