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Learn Basic Sign Language
Hello Everyone! We are just a short 2 weeks away from our first class. These are the things you will be needing for class: Pencil/Pen Notebook paper Index Cards (they will be your flash cards for practicing with your class mates) Computer Notebook or Electronic pad or Phone with internet Access - used for practicing fingerspelling at your OWN level of speed - Not necessary but useful for people who are slower or faster at learning than other students For those of you who would like to get a head start, feel free to visit this web site to start practicing your ABC's: For those people who cannot make it, you can still keep up with us. Your first assignment in class will be to learn your ABC's and to learn to finger spell your first and last names! We will be practicing various random finger spelled words. On your index Cards, (26 cards write the ABC's single letter on the FRONT of each card - A, B, C, D etc. On the back of your letters, you will be writing these WORDS: A (flip over your card) Apple B (flip over your card) Boy C (flip over your card) Cat D (flip over your card) Dog E (flip over your card) Egg F (flip over your card) Front G (flip over your card) Girl H (flip over your card) Hat I (flip over your card) Is J (flip over your card) Just K (flip over your card) Kiss L (flip over your card) Love M (flip over your card) Man N (flip over your card) No P (flip over your card) Pretty Q (flip over your card) Queen R (flip over your card) Robin S (flip over your card) Same T (flip over your card) Teacher U (flip over your card) Ugly V (flip over your card) Very W (flip over your card) Wenz X (flip over your card) X-ray Y (flip over your card) Yellow Z (flip over your card) Zebra By the end of the class, you will have learned your abc's and how to finger spell your first and last names! Second Class will be reviewing the abc's, words on back and learning to sign those words. We'll be doing a lot of fingerspelling practice. Everyone learns at their own pace. There is no right or wrong, thus the reason we will be using our computers for practice. It is not unusual for some people to take YEARS to really move those fingers or to take YEARS to comprehend watching finger spelling. Everyone learns differently, so please remember that you are NOT expected to learn quickly! This is NOT a credit class for college. College classes go extremely fast and can be difficult for many students. This class is at your own pace! So far, I am not showing anyone as bringing family members or plus ones. Please alert me if you are bringing anyone else. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone. Robin To visit The Getting to Know Central PA Group, go here: This message was sent by Meetup on behalf of Robin Wenz from The Getting to Know Central PA Group. Never miss a last-minute change. Get the app.   You're getting this message because your Meetup account is connected to this email address. Unsubscribe from similar emails from this Meetup group. Manage your settings for all types of email updates. Report this message. Block message sender. Visit your account page to change your contact details, privacy settings, and other settings. Meetup Inc., POB 4668 #37895 New York NY USA 10163   Come over and learn some basic Sign Language. I will conduct my class for 12 weeks so come as often as you like. This is kid friendly and I encourage you to bring your kids or your friends so that you can learn together. We will start with finger spelling. If you have a Notebook computer or an ipad please bring it. Feel free to bring a small snack to share but not required

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