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Are you a complex person? Sensitive? Intense? Smart? Creative? Gifted? Do you like to explore your potential and get to know yourself better? Have you often found it difficult to find people who you can fully connect with? Do you enjoy thinking and exploring your own and others' thoughts?

The gifted Interior is a Meetup group dedicated to exploring and sharing the internal experience of advanced development. As complex and divergent individuals we may have always been outliers in life and it can be hard to find others who we can deeply connect with in ways that feed our souls and support us as we journey along the paths of our life.

Our meetings will include informational seminars & workshops about giftedness, advanced development, creativity, and self-creation as well as more intimate group meetings where we can have time to deeply connect and support each other as we make our lives according to the beat of our idiosyncratic drums.

*Julie Creech, the group facilitator, is a Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern who specializes in positive psychology as well as working with gifted, talented, and creative teens and adults. This is not a therapy group but rather a supportive space to work together to develop ourselves and thrive. Membership in the group and attendance at any events does not constitute engagement in a therapeutic relationship or in any way imply that Juliette is acting as your therapist or has contracted a therapy relationship with you.

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