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Update Oct - 2019 - The halving is just over 6 months away, Facebook Libra looks like its dying a slow death, alt coins are falling hard....dont know what and of this means ? - Read below and come to the meetup !!!

Official Telegram Group - https://t.me/joinchat/BFnJPxNN-2upFf1VIrcFVQ JOIN NOW !

Glasgow Bitcoin Group - GBG

I am being asked to write the purpose of this "Meet Up". What can i say to entice, seduce and attract people to Glasgow's only Bitcoin 100% focused Meetup. Glasgow Bitcoin Group (GBG) is Glasgow No 1 Bitcoin bitcoin educational group, aimed at professionals, student and every single group in-between. Bitcoin, but more importantly Sound Money is for every single person. Facebook have entered the space, soon too will others. Why are they interested ? Why will they fail ? Why is Bitcoin better ? Find out why here with The Glasgow Bitcoin Group

Whether you are a beginner looking to learn what all the fuss is about, or a die hard Bitcoiner Glasgow Bitcoin Group is a great way to meet like minded people and learn from the best out there.

This group is being created to discuss, show case, educate and introduce the phenomena.

This group is not for selling you anything but Education for free. We will discuss selling and buying but please ask for advice before doing so. I do not offer or will not offer financial advice for a fee. This is my passion and i genuinely believe in this sound money movement. Do not get fooled by the tag line " Blockchain not Bitcoin" - Blockchains are slow and have been around for years prior to Bitcoin. Why is it then all we hear about is Blockchains ? Enough with the distractions.

There is no “next” Bitcoin. The revolution is already here, and we aim to create the infrastructure to facilitate this coming future. This is, i believe, one of the biggest most impactful technological changes happening since the internet.

Share with your family, friends, colleagues.

************************Lots of people have been scammed, robbed and outright misled. I am here to change that. I am no expert but having been in the space i know alot and i genuinely believe in this movement. Come find out why.******************************

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