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As women, we wear many hats and carry the burdens of life more than any other in our worlds. We are mothers, daughters,
Partners, Teachers, punching bags, we are leaders, we are made to feel we have to repress the magical whimsical light that shines within us. Well I've had enough with dimming our lights, suppressing magic and conforming to appease a world who devalues the gift we are created to be.

The Surrendered Goddesses is all about sisterhood, enlightenment and unity. Women coming together in love, positive healing energy and supporting each other to reach our highest self. We will host "Goddess Glo Up" Parties, socials, holistic pop ups,and healing retreats, and more! Nothings to taboo for us to discuss, we're laying it all on the table from owning and understanding our sexuality, to self- love, meditation, chakra healing and more.


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