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Goddess: a female god or deity; a woman of extraordinary beauty and charm; a greatly admired or adored woman.

Salon: A salon is a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation and experiences.
The Salon is limited to a select group of women, sisters, committed to manifesting every positive thing they want in this life through the creative power of embracing their feminine “superpowers”.
The feminine being a "superpower" that many empowered women have choked off or abandoned, to survive or succeed, in the post feminist world, where power has been defined through the lenses, rules and structures of a male dominated culture. The price for this “equality” has been huge to women, to their tribe and to the world at large.

An educational, supportive and experiential group, our mission and intention is to stretch our minds, hearts and spirits by delving deep into new paradigms of female empowerment in our modern world through a sharing and celebration of our collective wisdom, experience, and knowledge base-as women.

Topics will change monthly but you can realistically expect that we will always be headed into the wild and unchartered territories of our feminine identity through completely safe, candid conversation, lots of laughter, and genuine support.


1) HOW TO BECOME A SISTER GODDESS and join the Salon.

All Women open to developing their feminine as a superpower are welcomed. To become a member you must be approved so you will need to attend an Orientation with us ($15.00, register for the next Orientation on this Meet Up site). YOU can either A) attend the 6 class training if you have no idea what we are talking about but think to sounds fun and a good fit for you B) attend any of Regena Thomasauer's Trainings (no affiliation with her-we get nothing from this monetarily) or C) you are a natural born/self taught Goddess that can talk intelligently about the subjects in either of the two aforementioned classes.

When 10 new potential members register for the Orientation, we will schedule it.

From there-when 5 new potential members are ready to take the class we will schedule it, though we attempt to offer it at least once per quarter.

2) What is the COST?

ALL Goddesses pay a (1) time 300.00 fee. This is to cover the costs related to running the group (supplies for every meeting, goody bags, some special events, etc.). Money is NOT the object here. Commitment is. SCHOLARSHIPS are available for those with financial need (also covered by the fees of those who can afford it).

3) What do you get for the money?

If you need the 6 week class-this is covered by the same 300.00. We want to encourage all Sisters to come orient with our group; even if they have gone to Thomasauer's classes or are just a natural born/self taught Goddess-so you would be covered for the 6 classes too-but you do not have to attend. You will still have to pay the 300.00 membership fee though.

We have a minimum once monthly meeting that is FREE to all approved Sister Goddesses; we supply the space, the organization/admin, light refreshments, wines, paper ware, etc. You are welcomed every month in perpetuity after that!

Salon LIVE events occur at least one time a month. This is when the Sisters get together-to practice their "feminine superpowers" in the "field", attend some special class or event together, or gather to support one another in some special way. These too are generally FREE or situations where you will pay for yourself (ex. bike rentals for Saturday morning rides). Occasionally, we may schedule events that have a fee associated with them (e.g bellydance classes for example) but the Salon is not collecting anything from you for these and has no financial relationship with any such venders.

4) WHO should become a Sister Goddess?

"Women are angry. Women are tired...and with good reasons." TLF

Women 18 years and older, who are READY TO LIVE A MORE POWERFUL LIFE by focusing on more feminine aspects of their identity. Open and REAL-the Salon explores topics such as playfulness, flirting, sexuality, receiving, surrendering, radiance and "turn-on", beauty, and connection.

So- If you have forgotten all that in your life, lost it to trauma, drama, the hustle and bustle of living...you may want to check us out.

Feelings like affection, sharing, tenderness and TRUST among one another as women-are cultivated and actively practiced. It is a Sisterhood, with a code that believes the 21st Century Women ARE the salvation of the EARTH and HUMANKIND and that we need the strong rising feminine, and each other, to do it.

So-If you are feeling a need for support and accountability to building a life more akin to what you dreamed and with a lot more fun..you may find this group interesting.

5) Does my relationship status matter?

Absolutely not. What you gain in this experience can help you have more of what you want, whatever your relationship status. We regularly offer events open to a broader community, including partners and children.

So-if you are not getting what you want in your relationships or your life and you are looking for something NEW to create a change...15.00 to attend the orientation has got to seem like a value. Come join us to learn more.

WARNING: THIS GROUP DOES DISCUSS SEXUALITY. Our required reading at this time for the 6 session class in Regena Thomasauer's 2017- "Pussy-A Reclamation". If this offends you, you may need this class more than you know.

6) How can I talk to someone about this more?

Meet Up is lousy for email communications-for a lot of reasons. If you want to talk to someone sooner rather than later, please just email the organizer at tampabayhypnotherapy@gmail.com , we may even set up a free half hour call to answer your questions.

7) Can I host your group or teach a class to the Goddesses?


Send us a note at tampabayhypnotherapy@gmail.com. We are always open to fun or educational experiences. And as it is a community based group- basically, we just put offers up to the Goddesses and we all agree on what to do.

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Goddess Salon-Regular Meeting, Members ONLY

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Goddess Salon-Regular Meeting, Members ONLY

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Goddess Salon-Regular Meeting, Members ONLY

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