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Swing Dancing! Includes Lesson - Great for All Levels (beginners welcome!)
Ever wonder if y ou could figure out how to swing dance? Or is this something you used to do but it's been ages? Then join us! We'll have the option of the beginner lesson, an advanced lesson, and just a free flowing dance time with a DJ after that. Don't worry if you have 2 left feet or 3 right feet. The goal of this group, as with any activity, is we're here to try things and have fun. There's no judgment on whether you think you're a good dancer or not. How would you know if you don't try? And how would you get good if you don't start somewhere? So since you've got a lot of living to do, join along and swing it up! Here's info:

Hollywood Ballroom

2126 Industrial Parkway · Silver Spring, MD

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    What we're about

    You love a good adventure, trying new things. Always have. You’d love to experience more, try new things, get curious, travel, etc, and you’d love to connect with more likeminded people who share that explorer’s heart.

    At times it can feel challenging to get out and find a new activity, recruit someone to join you, or step away from work... so you’d like a warm, welcoming, cheerleading group of fun people who are up for exploring with you.

    This group is designed to help you stretch your comfort zone, meet friendly, mindful, fun-loving people, and explore and try new things that’ll shake up your current routine. All with the goal to help you RESPARK YOUR ALIVENESS & YOUR ADVENTUROUS SPIRIT.

    You’re done with staying in through the week, or working through the weekend. Or attending events where you come away feeling “blah.” You’re not sure how you got into this uninspired rhythm and you KNOW you’re capable of more connections and joyful, radiant experiences.

    We’re a group whose mission is to rekindle that part of you that’s in flow of life and making the most of your life’s experiences. Whether it’s an outing like roller skating, a walking meditation in the woods, a weekend getaway, or a workshop on adding play in your life, you’re up for saying YES. You’ve got a lot of living to do and you want to declare this NOW.

    Here’s a promise for this group:

    We try to make interactions fun, welcoming, playful and inclusive, and to connect “like-hearted” adventurers.

    Here’s who this is for:

    We’re open-minded, curious, heart-centered souls who believe the world is at its best when we’re being our authentic selves and following our highest excitements. We want to try new things, find our joys, make a difference in the world, and know it’s important to follow our adventurous spirit (whether that’s going inward in meditation, or outward in action sports and comedy classes - new ways to stretch our comfort zones). We want to feel more connected to others and the essence of life.

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