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Speedwork at the Pettit Indoor Track

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In this bitter cold Wisconsin winter, there's no better place to run than the comfortable 55-degree Pettit 450m indoor track. Whether you want to try some light speedwork to break up the monotony of winter training (and get faster of course) or you want to get a weather-free normal run in, join us for some laps! Cost is $4 per week. There is also a 10 session pass you can purchase which gives you a small discount.

Speedwork as a group is easier than you think, even with the differing paces. Here's how:

-Run 4-6 warmup laps as a group. Depends on how much you like to warm up. I like a good solid 1-2 miles before the fast laps begin.

-Run 3+ lap repeats at 5K pace, with a very easy recovery lap between each. After the fast laps, re-group with your fellow runners and jog the recovery lap. Again, it depends on your comfort level. If you've never done speedwork, start with a few repeats and add one each week. Intermediate runners could do 5+, advanced runners 7+. You could also switch up the distance and do 900m repeats (2 laps) or mile repeats (~3.5 laps).

-Cool down with a few easy laps. Total up your laps and divide by 3.56 to figure out how many miles you ran (or do this beforehand to plan out the number of miles you want to run). There are charts posted on the walls near the track to help you figure this out also.

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