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Cycle Four is now open to new writers. To be considered for Cycle Four: February 7 - May 2, please submit a full-length screenplay by January 20, 2019 to For additional information, please see the below:


The Greenlight Group is a creative, rigorous screenwriting group focused on supporting writers in producing 10 pages a week, critiquing submissions and getting full-length screenplays done for passion and sale. Details on The Greenlight Group are as follows:

• The group is for feature film writers only (we will not be discussing T.V. scripts)
• The group is a total of seven screenwriters
• The group runs 12 weeks long per cycle
• Weekly submissions of 5-10 pages per writer are requested to keep the group moving, learning and completing projects
• The group is held in the evening on Thursdays at a local home in the Pasadena/Altadena area
• The group is meant to be supportive, encouraging and intent on lifting each writer towards success as defined by the sale of a script (we do not help you sell a script, merely support your process)

If you are interested in being considered for a Greenlight Group writing cycle, please convey your interest by joining The Greenlight Group through the Meetup page, THEN follow the below guidelines:

• A full-length screenplay submission is required (approximately 90-110 pages).
• Submissions must contain NO explicit X-rated or otherwise extremely offensive materials that serve no purpose for the story's content.
• All submissions and/or inquiries must be sent to: Submissions sent to the group’s organizer through Meetup will not be read.
• All submissions must be received by the date indicated for each cycle.

With your screenplay submission, please include brief responses to the following questions:

1) How many screenplays have you written?
2) Have any of your screenplays been made into a feature film?
3) Who/what/where have you studied with regards to screenwriting?
4) Are you currently represented?
5) What do you hope to learn out of attending The Greenlight Group?
6) Do you foresee any time commitments that would interfere with attending the 12 week cycle?
7) What is your favorite film?

This group is geared towards intermediate to advanced screenwriters who have completed a full-length screenplay, understand structure, character development, dialogue, screenplay format, etc. Any screenplays that do not convey SOME mastery of these elements will not be read. PLEASE NOTE, you can bypass stating your interest in the group through the Meetup page and send submissions directly to:

Decisions regarding accepted screenwriters for a Greenlight Group writing cycle are communicated through the email. The group’s organizer contacts each individual personally regarding selection and to confirm the individual’s continued interest in joining the group for the current cycle.

Lastly, this group is meant to bring together dedicated screenwriters who desire to create and sell their projects but who appreciate structure, feedback, and community. The group will host a mix of talent and ability, in order for growth to occur at a level relatively comparable to each other.

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