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Meet People Interested in Dining Out in your area!

Come to a local Dining Out Meetup to break bread with fellow foodies and gourmets. Discover new restaurants, enjoy delicious meals and make satisfying conversation with friendly dinner companions. It's a big dinner table and all are welcome!

Typical adgenda:
Meet up: 6:30pm - any earlier the host may not be there yet
Call to order: 7:00pm - any later and we'll have already ordered
Slate: Where we go next week
Reservations: Halifax Dining Out Meetup Group or the Hosts name
Venues: Family and upscale restaurants

Trying to schedule an event every 6 days so events can fit in every ones schedule.
Other activities may be scheduled around dining out like hike, walks, live theater.

CAUTION: This is NOT a dating site. Do not attempt to contact anyone who has not previously agreed that you may contact them in this way. We recommend for your own security you do not use your full name when creating an account.

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