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The Harmony Symposium was created to touch and change lives through music and spoken word. We look to entertain while provoking change in the areas of Love, Faith and Abundance. We desire to Heal Your Heart, Strengthen Your Faith and Activate Your Abundance.

Why?!? Because there are people that are walking around with broken hearts and spirits, functioning in their day-to-day but not realizing that they're just existing and not really living the life that they were called to live.

Because there are people that have been misled, left behind or misused and they have resorted to allowing those life experiences to dictate how they live, treat relationships and how they show up in the world.

Because there are people that's been through so much that they can't see past the struggle. They no longer pursue the desires of their heart nor do they believe in living the life of their dreams. The journey has been too tough, rugged and the struggle too hard.

It all has shaken your faith, depleted your zest for life and caused you to lose sight of your birthright! Do you often think to yourself, "There's got to be more to life than this!" or wondered "Why things just don't feel right or aren't jibbing?!?"

We ALL Have!

That's where the Harmony Symposium comes in. It's a starting point to not only identify where you are now in this journey called life but to also empower you to live your Best Life Now.


By creating an atmosphere for you to be enlightened on how to create Harmony in the key areas of your life. Holding a sacred space for you to let go of hurt, be uplifted in your spirit and remove the things that are blocking you from having and living an Abundant Life.

... And the BEST part is, while life and love are being spoken into you, you will be entertained with LIVE MUSIC and enjoy a fine dining experience! This event was designed to shift you to live harmoniously with how you love and deserved to be loved, growing in your spirituality and living life more abundantly. The Harmony Symposium event is perfect for the person who ...

-Is ready to get out of their own way
-Has just been existing and is ready to LIVE a more fulfilling life
-Tired of playing small and dimming your light to fit in with a sea of darkness.
-Is ready to release the mentality that causes you to live mediocre and from
-Is tired of doing the same thing again and again, expecting different results.
-Is ready for something different, new and God inspired.
-Is ready to put yourself first.
-Is ready to feel worthy of yourself and all that's promised to you.
-Is ready to unlearn what has become social and cultural norms.
-Is ready to realize your full potential and live FULL OUT.
-Is tired of operating on limiting beliefs and ready to embrace an abundant mindset.
-Is ready to exemplify and experience love in and from your relationships. *Enjoys Live Music*

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Harmony Symposium

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