Hot Summer Nights


If the event is full, put yourself on the Wait List. You will automatically be moved to the Going List when there are cancellations.

This isn’t the time to labor over a risotto or stew, but raw salads and fruit should not be your only choice. Make a gazpacho; char red peppers then mixed them with anchovies, capers and shallots; Cob salad is light and substantial; grilled vegetables with shrimp, chicken or beef; kababs on the grill, or Asian spring rolls are a cool choice. Don’t overlook spicy dishes since they are supposed to cool you down, or fruit filled desserts.

Remember this is not a pot luck. You can do the prep at home and assemble at the Meetup. Look for recipes that take minimal effort and taste great, So, either page through your cookbooks or cruse the web and find a recipe to cook. Remember there are no rules.

My grill will be available. So, choose whatever dish meets your fancy.

Plan to cook on site, unless your recipe takes 45 minutes or more to cook. It often helps if you do as much prep as possible before hand. Because the oven opens and closes often, baked goods (excepting cookies) are best done ahead of time. Remember this isn’t just a potluck; this is about sharing the pleasure of cooking and food and learning from one another while drinking wine 'n stuff and having great conversations.