What we're about

Welcome to The Healing Sister-Tribe

My name is Vianka Jolie.

I created this group because I wish to create a Sister-Tribe here in Atlanta!

I have a wonderfully healthy relationship with my boyfriend, Angel, however he has had a much easier time creating friendships here in the Atlanta scene due to his line of work (film and music), and while I often enjoy going to House Music events and art shows that are put on by his crew, I find it difficult to connect past the actual event, with other likeminded women.

So that is why I have decided to create this group, because why not!

A little bit about me, I am originally from Puerto Rico (where I had an amazing Sister Tribe until Hurricane Maria uprooted our lives to many different parts of the USA), I also lived most of my life in California.

So with that said, I have a very chill, open-minded, love to live life at my highest joy and excitement, type of vibe!

I am a Reiki Healer and Personal Development Coach and into all things related to Holistic Life Practices, Energy Work, Painting, and LOVE to DANCE to all Genres!

I am also a seasoned foodie, and LOVE to try new places from local cuisine to craft cocktails.. I'm down!

Lastly, I love nature and try to spend time with it as often as possible, even if it just means sitting out on my deck gazing, or on a hike in Stone Mountain.

I consider myself to be fun and open hearted, and really believe that whoever reads this was attracted to this group because they are aligned with its frequency!

I feel my soul calling me to create my own tribe Sister Tribe here in ATL, of like minded women who feel empowered, confident, and are fun-loving..to have real and deep conversations with, to hang out with from time to time, and to create adventures with!

So if that is you, if you too are craving that sense of community, if you too have been looking for your tribe, then please drop a comment. Tell me about you?!

Also feel free to Follow me On IG: ViankaJolie -- if you do, DM me and Let me know You want to join The Healing Sister-Tribe! =D

With love!


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