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What makes herbs work? Let’s talk about constituents. (cont'd)

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Herbalists!! What makes herbs work? Let’s talk about constituents.

It’s an election year. Know your constituents!

What are those secret ingredient - those molecular compounds - which our plants create?

Eeek! Saint John’s wort has caffeic acid and xanthones and more!!! What does that mean? And lavender has coumarins and tannins? What are those? And why should I know something about them?

Does the thought of studying organic chemistry give you angst? And are there herbs for that?

What is “organic chemistry?”
What is carbon and what is hydrogen?
Add them together and you get ‘hydrocarbons.’
What is oxygen? Surely know know about that! Add oxygen to carbon and hydrogen and you get carbohydrates.
And then, there’s nitrogen. Scientists do not yet know with certainty why plants integrate nitrogen into some of their molecular structures … and those we know as alkaloids.
You’ll also learn to understand aromatics, benzene, glycosides and saponins.
And … you’ll find how this textbook and CD will allow you explore and learn at your own rate. This is a rare and wonderful opportunity for the serious herbalist.

Paul Beyerl, Master Herbalist and founder of the Master Herbalist Program of The Hermit’s Grove will lead these sessions.

With your text book and the CD you’ll discover how to wander the hallowed halls of organic chemistry without getting lost and without being overwhelmed.
This is one of the most difficult aspects of herbal work for most herbalist. The majority basically ignore this, leaving their knowledge seriously limited.

Limited to five students on site plus two by Skype making pre-registration and prepayment essential. If the seminar fills, it will be offered again...

Six hour (two three hour seminars) $60.00 for both sessions

[two half price working scholarships available... work must be completed at least two weeks prior to the first seminar.]

September 22nd 9:00 am PDT to Noon. (Noon to 3:00 pm EDT)
October 27th 9:00 am PDT to Noon. (Noon to 3:00 pm EDT)


Textbook: The 290 page manual, “Phytochemicals and Herbal Constituents” compiled and edited by Paul Beyerl, who created The Hermit’s Grove’s Master Herbalist Program, author of The Master Book of Herbalism, who has taught botanical medicine since 1976.
Includes CD of entire text with hot links.
Purchase direct from The Hermit’s Grove: $95.00 (individually printed and comb-bound) sales tax and shipping when applicable.

Laptop: Participants will have their textbook and ideally, their CD loaded into a laptop if attending in person, their computer if participating by Skype. Wireless access provided at The Hermit’s Grove.