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This is a group for anyone who would like to be more joyful, to follow their heart, make some positive life changes , feel great and get what they want.

The Hero Process is an amazing system that will give you everything you need to become the hero and master of your own life, to eventually feel 10/10 joyful by default and to get what you want.

The process consists of 3 literal superpowers that I will introduce you to in these workshops. They are the power to;
1. change how you feel about anything
2. always know the right thing to do or say
3. see the underlying truth of things

For the free workshops there is zero-obligation or pressure to do anything beyond attend this one event. My passion is helping people to move forward and if I can give you that gift in one or even lots of free sessions then that would be amazing.

If you love this work as much as I hope you will and want to go deeper with this work there are a number of ways you can then do that including by buying my forthcoming book, 121 coaching or my transformative 3 month Hero Coaching Programme.

Why this meet up?

- People love this work and the effect it has on them - see just a handful of testimonials below.

- It's not everyday that someone offers to teach you a superpower, yet alone 3 of them and even less so 3 superpowers that could literally change your life.

- I have spent the last 10 years successfully working with these tools on myself and with many satisfied clients to help them create the lives they want and I can absolutely do the same for you.

- I work intuitively and can help you uncover the hidden blocks in your life and business and clear them using the amazing tools of the Hero Process which I will also teach you how to use for yourself.

- I have learnt through trial and error what works which will help you get what you want faster.

- I literally wrote the book (its due for publication in November 2018!)

See what some of my clients have to say about this work;

"Working with Adam is a life-changing experience. It is a journey of amazing self-discovery and I can say with certainty that I have never felt as happy as I do now. My level of joy most days is 9/10."
Adrianne Carter, The Face Whisperer & Managing Director of De-Coded Insights Ltd.

"Adam has helped me to completely change my mindset and to dissolve and clear the conscious and subconscious fears and worries with regard to who I am, what I want and how to get it" ​​
Gerry Hale - Registered Osteopath and Founder of Health Resonance

“I have worked with Adam over several years now. He has really helped me to consider my life and move forward with the projects I am most passionate about, clearing the fears, doubts and hidden patterns that we all have that I felt were holding those projects back.
Adam has a finely-honed intuition and can clearly see what changes need to happen to remove blockages that you don’t even know are there until you let them go. It’s hard to put into words how he works: it’s a combination of coaching, energy work and refocusing your intention. All I can say is, it really works!
Sara Davenport - Founder of Breast Cancer Have and now of ReBoot Health.

"I must say that although I was dubious at first, the effect and benefit of the work was instant."
Alex H - Shipbroker

Check out my website at ( to find out more about working with me, other upcoming events and to read testimonials from other clients.

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