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The Hidden Light Meetup group serves as a gathering place for those interested in studying, discussing and practicing the Western Mystery Tradition. Discussion topics will include Qabalah, Tarot, Alchemy and Astrology. All are welcome and no prior experience or knowledge is necessary.

Last year, we were studying the "Life Power Lecture Series" by Paul Foster Case. This year we will be studying the Major Arcana of the Tarot using Jason Lotterhand's "Thursday Night Tarot" (this book may be found on Amazon under the title "The Spoken Cabala: Tarot Explorations of the One Self") . A copy of the book is not necessary for the meeting.

The Hidden Light Meetup group is affiliated with the Fraternitas L.V.X. Occulta (FLO) which is an Esoteric Order for women and men, please visit https://www.lvx.org for more information.

As the Group Organizer, I want to emphasize that FLO membership is not required for the Meetup Group and group meetings will not be infomercials for the FLO. I will also say that one of my intentions for setting up this Meetup Group is to come into contact with like-minded individuals who might like to start a ritual group in Phoenix. However, I am of a mind that an individual must arrive at the door of Higher Knowledge "of [their] own free will and accord". I will have copies of the Table of Contents to the FLO Threshold Course for those interested in what is covered in the course since that information is not on the website. I am also happy to answer any questions.

Membership of this Meetup Group is capped at 50 members. Members who have been inactive will be removed periodically to make room for new members.

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The Tarot: Key 2 The High Priestess

Mesa Fire & Medical Department - Station 202

The Tarot: Key 1 The Magician

Mesa Fire Department Station 218

The Tarot: Key 0 The Fool

Mesa Fire Department Station 218

Meeting Topic: Introduction to Tarot

Mesa Fire Department Station 218

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