What we're about

“Be around the light bringers, the magic makers,
the world shifters, the game shakers.
They challenge you, break you open, uplift and expand you.
They don't let you play small with your life.
These heartbeats are your people.
These people are your tribe.”
― Danielle Doby

I am seeking my tribe, a sisterhood, a community. I am seeking to surround myself with amazing women. Women who lift each other other, who rise together, who celebrate each others successes, who empower. I am seeking high vibration, authentic, friendships that will hopefully last for many, many years. I am seeking women in my life who are not afraid to take a look in the mirror, who are constantly working to better themselves, and who want to leave this Earth better than they found it. I am seeking sisters who have each others back, who stand up for each other, and who stand up for those who are oppressed or cannot speak up for themselves. If you are seeking these things as well, then this is the group for you!

"Your vibe attracts your Tribe"

We will gather a few times a month. The events will vary; just for fun, to learn, betterment of self, to help others, empowerment, and more. We will meet mainly in the Spring/Woodlands area however, we will have events all over Houston, its surrounding area, and the occasional day or weekend trips. If you have any ideas for events for the group or would like to host an event please feel free to contact the Organizer.

It will be expected for all to adhere to the rules:
1. This group is a judgment free, friendly, open, accepting group! Anyone who cannot act accordingly will be promptly removed.
2. The purpose of this group is to create a sisterhood community, please plan to attend at least 1 meetup every 2 months. If you have not attended a meet-up or even signed in to look at the group in 4 months time you will be removed.
3. Please be respectful and keep your RSVP up to date. If you are running late please contact the host. After three no shows you will be removed from the group.
4. To be approved into the group your profile picture must be of your face. This way our host will know what you look like and will be able to find you at meetups.

Upcoming events (4)

Chocolate, Strawberry & Wine Festival

Bernhardt Winery

Cost General Admission: TBD includes: a commemorative wine glass, a chocolate tasting stroll of four wine tastings divinely paired with chocolates at each chocolatier’s station, a visit to the chocolate fountain, and a train-ride vineyard tour conducted by wine journalist, Ron Saikowski. Additional Wine Tasting in the Barrel Room: $15, or $10 if purchased with a combination ticket. A unique wine tasting of two Bernhardt’s award-winning Ports, drawn directly from the barrels, paired with chocolate truffles. ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* About Event One of the fun activities for chocolate lovers will be demonstrations hosted by owners, Jerry and Jerri Bernhardt featuring local chocolatiers. For your dipping pleasure, a decadent chocolate fountain with assorted fresh strawberries and fruits, snack cookies and pretzels is included in the adult ticket. A highlight of the festival will be the vendor fair which spotlights locally grown produce and artisan products. As well as, local food trucks Regular wine tastings, live music, vendor fair and food trucks will be open to the public and a ticket is not required. ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* A meeting location on the property will be decided upon closer to date

Sacred Sister Circle

Rising Wild

Details TBA

Book Club: Burning Woman by Lucy H Pearce

Needs a location

This event is cross-posted in the Wise Words Book Club meetup group. About Book Club: We will read books that bring value to us, books for betterment of ourselves and our life, books that empower, books that teach us new skills, and so much more. The voting for future books takes place in the other meetup group. If you would like to participate in the voting process here is the link to the other group: https://www.meetup.com/Wise-Words-Book-Club _______________________________________________________________________________________ The Book of the Month is Burning Woman by Lucy H. Pearce About the Book: Burning Woman is a breath-taking and controversial woman’s journey through history— personal and cultural—on a quest to find and free her own power from Amazon bestselling author Lucy H. Pearce. Uncompromising and all-encompassing, Pearce uncovers the archetype of the Burning Women of days gone by—Joan of Arc and the witch trials, through to the way women are burned today in cyber bullying, acid attacks, shaming and burnout, fearlessly examining the roots of Feminine power—what it is, how it has been controlled, and why it needs to be unleashed on the world during our modern Burning Times. Burning Woman explores: Burning from within: a woman’s power—how to build it, engage it and not be destroyed by it. Burning from without: the role of shame, and honour in the time-worn ways the dominant culture uses fire to control the Feminine. The darkness: overcoming our fear of the dark, and discovering its importance in cultivating power. This incendiary text was written for women who burn with passion, have been burned with shame, and who at another time, in another place, would have been burned at the stake. With contributions from leading burning women of our era: Isabel Abbott, ALisa Starkweather, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Molly Remer, Julie Daley, Bethany Webster and more. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Location TBD Link to Menu:

Martinis at Bar Louie

Bar Louie - The Woodlands

Let's get together to celebrate Martini day! We will be there during their happy hour, it ends at 7 pm. Food Menu: https://www.barlouie.com/menu/us/tx/the-woodlands/the-woodlands Drink Menu: https://www.barlouie.com/menu/us/tx/the-woodlands/the-woodlands

Past events (2)

Book Club: Feminasty by Erin Gibson

Location TBD

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