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We provide a journey through interactive transformative games that help people discover and live into their most expressed and empowered self beneath social masks.

People want to make changes in their life - have better relationships, live their dreams, speak their truths, step into their power - and the Higher Game Mastery Circles provide a platform for them to explore their hidden capacities AND set concrete steps forward. And it’s all done through fun and challenging interactive games - called “transformative games.

I host transformational games nights which we call “o​ases of humanity​,” - a rest from the busy digital world - where you get to dig deep, get real, connect with others in unusual and thrilling ways, cultivate unique voice - and up-level life mastery skills all through play and creativity

You come and play carefully crafted interactive games that are designed to help you become happier, more loved and loving, more aligned with your truth and highest vision and more successful so you live the life you most want to live.

The Circles are evenings of fun, creative, provocative but profound interactive games where you get step into that part of you that is powerfully at choice - by becoming more self-accepting, self-loving and self-aware.

Intentional Games provide an unusually effective opportunity for “transformative work.” They create an easy and attractive doorway into truths that otherwise are often very difficult to face. They provide a safe structure within which people more freely can make real insights and advances - and create real, lasting change in their lives.

Higher Games Circles are designed to help you discover your superhero powers - and to blast through obstacles that are blocking you from your dream life”

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The Higher Game "Transformational Games Circle: Discover Your Superhero"

Baldwin Public Library


Come Play! We are so happy to invite you to a unique adventure... The birth of something startling, profound and new... An evening unlike any other... Where you will dig deep and discover latent powers of expression and vision - and connect with people in profound, authentic, hilarious, revealing, honest, playful and unexpected ways. You will take a personalized "hero's journey" in one night... You will stretch beyond normal comfort zones through these intense and playful transformational games. You will awaken your creativity. You will explore new possibilities of just how powerful, loving, truthful, direct, embodied and generally awesome you can be. You will laugh and leave changed, liberated in ways - connected. You will likely discover more about yourself, than any 2 hours of your life. And all within a playful, creative container that makes it easy to dig deep, open up and envision whole new wins in your life. Awaken to your deepest core desires, your hidden powers, your highest goals and connect to people in profound, hilarious, revealing, honest, playful and real ways - so different from "normal" life! Higher Game Transformational Games Nights are designed to create a safe, creative, adventurous space inside which you get to do your own profound "growth" work. These events are designed as mini "hero's journeys" - where you will stretch beyond normal comfort zones and enter a whole new world of possibility. Throughout, you are always in the driver's seat, making your own discoveries and drawing your own lessons. You will shake off any "old skins" or habits that feel constricting, limiting, boring or outworn. And, importantly, you will chart out new daily practices and habits before the night is out to install into your life what you've learned about who you most want to be. During this evening, you will (happily) throw off ways of playing small, playing the lower game of life, and open up to your exciting potential. That's why we call it "The Higher Game." Thank you so much for supporting us on the birth of this movement! Your participation and support are ESPECIALLY appreciated. I can't wait to see you at this very special evening. The Game Is On! - David Krueger PS - What is a "Transformational Game"? Transformational Games are designed to change the player and are successfully measured by how much you have grown, learned, shifted, opened up or are in any way changed at the end. These games are interactive partner and group exercises (not board games!) where you explore your inner worlds and the (often exhilarating) dynamic that happens when people connect at this level of "realness." You will dream bigger dreams. Tap your creative powers. Speak your truths. Connect deeply with new people. Make new friends. Feel awake and daring. Discover liberating insights. Feel free. Refreshed. Optimistic. Who comes to play? ALL (18 and over) are welcome! Bring a friend, bring your partner or come solo! Open to anyone looking for a more real, bold, open-hearted way of connecting with yourself and with others.

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