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“In a time of separation and swift social change - with people talking past each other online rather than with each other face-to-face - our mission is to deepen community by cultivating aware, effective, evolved personal mastery and communication skills, grounded in love, respect, self-responsibility and deep care for all beings.”

Welcome to the Higher Game Mastery Circles.

What are these Circles? They are carefully crafted evenings of interactive “transformational games” that participants play with each other. Each game is designed to evoke the hidden capacities of each player, especially their strengths, creativity, communication abilities, authenticity, open-heartedness and profound connection with others.

The games are played in pairs and in small groups - no props, no boards, no balls - just human beings connecting in direct, open, creative ways.

In our circles you will not only learn about yourself - in particular, your hidden “superpowers” - but also have an experience you will never forget.

Yes, you will get to know yourself in new ways, and equally important, you will also be exhilarated at how fun it can be to rediscover your own capabilities and creative power. Expect a lot of laughter, fun and maybe even some tears.

The Games we play will help participants self-cultivate mastery in social and emotional strength and depth.

The beauty (and fun) of these evenings are that they are not lectures, and as a leader do not “teach” you about yourself, rather the games are carefully crafted doorways that allow you to do all the learning and discovering for yourself. I’ll just be the guide that shows you the path on the way to your journey.

I look forward to you coming and joining us on this new adventure!

The game is on!

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