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The purpose beind The Homeschool Society is to create social, elective, and academic opportunities for cultured homeschoolers. Come and grow with us!

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The Homecshool Society "MOUSESCOT" Sign-Up
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Would your child enjoy the novelty of taking care of a small animal on a rotating weekly basis? Introducing the new Homeschool Society mascots, or "mousescots" if you will! We have adopted two little companion grey mice that we would like to share as our collective 'class pet'. HS members can take week-long turns hosting the mice and seeing to their welfare. One cage cleaning required before returning the mice or handing them off to their next caregiver. In our house, their names are Harold & Scubbers, however a chalkboard name plate attached their 'house' means that your child can name them whatever they like while in their company. All of their supplies (food, floor fluff, and rolling ball) are handily packaged and ready to travel. There is a one time $5 fee (per family) for anyone wishing to participate, and all children must sign The Mousescot Oath, promising to be responsible with their mammalian friends and with to treat them with care. Parents, all I ask is that should something unfortunate befall one (or both) of the mice while in your home, you stealthfully replace it before handing them on to the next participant. (The largest cost associated with the mice is their housing set up and on going fluff and food needs - the animals themselves are very inexpensive and can be purchased at PetSmart and/or Petco). If you are interested in hosting the mousescots, please click to rsvp and leave your email address in the comment section. I will coordinate with everyone via email chain.

Stitchers Club
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For anyone who likes (or like the idea of) knitting, sewing, weaving, or any other form of said crafting, let's gather to learn, teach, and make! Day and location will be determined depending on interest... So please leave availability, ability, and ideas below!

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