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Relationships are the most difficult aspect of life. Nowhere else do we have as much hope and expectation. And no other area of our life brings such pain and misery.

Whether you’re trying to find your way through the weirdos, perverts and players in the dating jungle.

Or struggling to maintain feeling loving with a partner who tests your limits.

Maybe you’re just trying to cope with the heartbreak at the end of a relationship and want to be able to get through the day without breaking down in tears.

Or maybe you’re someone who’s been through these challenges and has stories to tell and wisdom to share.

Whatever your situation, if you are interested in sharing your experiences and views in a small group and able to listen to others with an open mind in the interests of learning more about what it takes to live happily ever after then this meetup could be for you.

The skill of being able to navigate through the various challenges of relationships is the skill with the greatest impact on our happiness.

Yet nowhere teaches us these skills or prepares us for the reality of most relationships.

Women want to know why the men they love, lie, cheat and hurt them. And men want to know what the women they love really think, want and mean.

Let’s get to the root of why people ghost, cheat and the impact of changing roles in a post #metoo world.

I’m Rob McPhillips and I’ve just started The Relationship GPS Project (https://relationshipgpsproject.com) to help people have more honest, passionate and loving relationships.

After three decades of working with people as a Therapist and Coach, I have lots of theories and models for how relationships work, but I’m not interested in untested theory.

I want to know what works in real life and so I’m looking for a small group of people who are willing to talk in a comfortable, intimate environment about the challenges and experiences they have had in their relationships.

This project is kindly sponsored by sankalpa (https://oursankalpa.org).

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Overcoming The Fear Of Love

Coachmakers Arms

The biggest barrier to finding lasting love for many people is the fear of being hurt and letting go to trust someone again. It's natural to be afraid of falling in love again when your experience of love has ended in heartbreak and disappointment. But is the problem in how we are looking at love? If we looked from a new perspective and less attachment, perhaps we would become more robust and resilient and less sensitive to the ups and downs of romance. Let's explore the idea. As in all meetings we come with different experiences, values and ideas. It is in our open and honest discussion that we can refine our own ideas. The goal isn't to change anyone's mind, but to challenge their thinking so that they come to more clarity and awareness. The nature of our group is to have very honest and open discussions. Unfortunately for that reason we have to limit numbers. We usually have a waiting list so please update your status as soon as you know you can't make a meeting so that someone else can fill your place. Disclaimer: Photographs and audio recording may be taken at the event, and used by both The Relationship GPS project and our funders for marketing and auditing purposes. If you have any questions about this, or prefer not to be featured, please let me know in advance of the meeting: [masked]

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Have We Become Too Selfish To Make Relationships Work?

Coachmakers Arms

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