What we're about

Hey there human!

If you're reading this there is a very good chance that you desire to become the strongest, most resilient, highest conscious version of yourself.

If that's true, The Human Optimization Project is the place for you.

We're interested in high energy, a focused mind, utilizing fat for fuel, and being of profound service.

In this meetup we delve into the ART & SCIENCE of human optimization from the latest technology to the most ancient techniques to create an unfair advantage for you.

We bring the top experts in body, mind and spirit for you to create the most impact in your life and help you perform at the highest level possible.

We cover:

• supplementation

• brain optimization

• consciousness hacking

• longevity

• alternative medicine

• nutrigenomics

• psychology

• natural movement

• ancestral health

• biofeedback

• weight loss

• work efficiency

• spirituality

• fitness

• nutrigenomics

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Human Optimization 2019 Kickoff Event!

Muscle Activation of San Francisco

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