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I told myself that this year is the year I am going to go way beyond my comfort zone.

Why not? Your early 20s are for post-secondary (if you choose to go that path like me) and the late 20s are for taking risks for your passion. So I bought camera equipment, took some pictures, published a visual novel, opened about my ongoing battle with mental health, paid off my debts, lost friends and made new ones, worked 3 jobs because your young metabolism can still hold you down and you want to be a workaholic, gained weight, still learning to cope with my anxiety, dared myself to do public speaking, almost fainted, lost weight, got my heart broken, dyed my hair blonde, convinced myself love isn’t for me, packed my suitcase and did a SOLO TRIP, and now I feel like a new person. Crazy right?

Life is beyond our cubicles at work, beyond our overnight jobs, beyond the home life and, beyond the bickering of “what ifs” in our minds. Interaction amongst each other and creating artsy, fun, living on the edge memories makes our 9-5 less dreadful.

Connection, human connection- has a whole new meaning when I started travelling solo. Let’s bring that back through random acts of kindness in our very own city, rebuilding that confidence that we hid inside of us from self-hate. And most importantly, live fearlessly.

Let’s go on weekly adventures of whatever topic you want to do. Heck, let’s do it twice or even three times a week. Let’s make a difference for ourselves and the people around us. Wanna watch a movie? Go kayaking up north? Bungee jump in Montreal? Climb the Rocky Mountains? Feed the homeless? Visit an orphanage to make a child’s day? Ice fishing? Take our dogs to the dog park? Drinks on a patio? Game night? Or even a night in? We can keep going!!

Are we ready?

The Human Project.

Yours truly,

Simrat Ghuman


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