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This group is for anyone who wishes to better understand themselves and are ready to use this understanding to create an even better life for themselves. We are combining the tools of the shaman with the power of hypnosis to create the perfect space for permanent positive change. an evolution to a more optimal version of ourselves.

We have a drumming circle, a sweat lodge, a certified clinical hypnotherapist., and 2 acres of paradise.

From May - Oct we will be offering group sessions that will allow participants the opportunity to explore the origins of why they do things the way they do, and when desired to create alternate strategies that accomplish the same thing without the negatives. or you can just come to drum and sweat.

Clinical hypnosis in its most comprehensive sense is simply a cultural and historical adaptation of shamanism, which is the most widespread and archaic spiritual and therapeutic tradition known. both shamanism and clinical hypnotherapy utilize the masterful manipulation and presentation of mental images in the client for the purpose of achieving positive spiritual, psychological, and physiological healing and personal growth.

Creating change on a conscious level only uses 10% of the minds potential. using the combination of shamanic tools and hypnotic practice we will be able to manifest positive long term change in ourselves. We will do this quickly, easily and often it can even be pleasant.

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Sweat Lodge w/ regression Hypnosis


We all have limiting beliefs about ourselves. Most of which we acquired before age 5 and have just carried on into adulthood. If we knew then what we know now we would probably come to far different conclusions about what it all means. This 3-round hypno sweat is an opportunity to modify at least one of those beliefs that aren’t serving you well and replace them with a much more positive belief about yourself. In Round One - We’re going to hypnotically regress into our past and examine the very first time we developed this belief. In Round Two – We are going to collect some resources that would have been useful for your younger self. In Round Three – We are going to deliver those resources to the younger you and then grow that you up into the future, but with this more positive belief in play, so decisions you make are far different. Donations accepted but not required

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Sweat Lodge w/ regression Hypnosis


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