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Hello everyone!

I am pleased to announce a few very exciting changes for our group. As you may have noticed, the name of the group has changed. The Organization of African American Meetup Organizers (OAAMO) is now the International Organization of Black Meetup Organizers (IOBMO). While the general direction of this group will remain the same, the scope of our mandate has grown to include meetup organizers worldwide. In addition to the name change we’ve also committed to becoming more active by scheduling various meetup events and convening meetings (online and in-person).

With this expanded scope, the possibilities for building a very special network of Meetup Organizers is within our grasp. Below is a preliminary mandate for our group. Please feel free to comment on this mandate as it will help us to fine tune the message.


• To create and maintain a worldwide network of Meetup Organizers dedicated to helping one another to build stronger and more active meetup groups by sharing information and insights with one another.

• To assist Organizers in the promotion of signature events and encourage inter-group participation and collaboration.

• Promote and support travel between groups for both organizers and general members.


• Assist organizers and their members with employment opportunities (and other employment concerns) by promoting the free flow of information between organizers and members.

• Support for entrepreneurs within and outside of our sphere.

• Assist in fostering strong and lasting relationships between organizers and their members by creating the opportunity for dialogue/communication without regard to geographic location.

• Create a powerful vehicle to make our voices heard on important topics affecting Black Communities worldwide.

• Utilize existing social media platforms and/or create our own real time online networking platform where organizers and their members can communicate in real time.


Change the world! How you ask? Well, that is something that WE will have to figure out.

I look forward to connecting with you all.


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