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We're looking for a group who enjoys the outdoors, meeting new people, and just having fun.

Our aim is to explore the great hiking spots around Indy and to offer and provide an opportunity to socialize with others who have a passion for hiking. Hikers of all levels are welcome to join. With us, you'll burn a few calories and see some great sights to boot.

Hopefully post the events early so that people can determine if a particular weekend will work for them.


The hikes we do are usually either moderate or rugged, depending on the park. The group is mainly for people who exercise on a regular basis or can handle the demands of the day's hike. It's important that people realize what their limits are and not attend a challenging hike they may not be ready for. Please be sure to note the hike descriptions and determine whether or not you'll be able to enjoy the event. None of us want anyone to end up injured or unable to finish a hike.

We also would like to hike all year-round, so weather conditions can also be a factor, and although we avoid hiking in extreme temperatures (in the teens or in the nineties), please be aware of any weather conditions that may have an effect on your ability to hike.


Rugged hikes consist of lengthy events across challenging terrain, which can mean rocky streambeds and steep hills. These hikes wouldn't be recommended for beginners or those who are still getting into shape. Our rugged events are often our best hikes but are definitely a workout.

Moderate hikes are not as physically challenging as the rugged ones and take place on less hilly terrain. These hikes contain a few hills that will get your heart rate up or else the length of the hike will be the real challenge. These would require a decent level of fitness.

Easy hikes aren't frequently on our schedules, but that may be a matter of opinion. Any hike in this category would consist of a flat terrain and nothing strenuous.


Dogs are welcome on our hikes, as long as he or she gets along with other pooches and a large group of people. Dogs will be need to be kept on leashes.


If a hike is called off due to inclement weather or some other problem, an e-mail will be sent out as early as possible letting everyone know and an update will be made to the event page. Hikes are usually postponed to another weekend to avoid bad weather or any other setback.


YES!! We have some great photographers in the groups and taking pictures is a big part of our events. Everyone is welcome to upload their photos to the site.

If you have any questions at all about doing this, please feel free to contact the Co-Organizers.

Ideas of places: