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The International Center in Tokyo (http://www.intlcentertokyo.com/) (ICT) is an international exchange association offering English Discussion Classes, Workshops and Events for members who are diplomats, expatriates and their family living in Tokyo. Both Native English Speakers and Advanced English Speakers are always welcome!

For Non-Japanese members, product testers are wanted! To register for NeedsArch members (http://www.intlcentertokyo.com/needsarch/whatyouget) if you are interested!!

We offer the best Private TOKYO Tour Guides (http://www.intlcentertokyo.com/tourguide). We can customize each tour based on your preferences. Your personal National Certified Tour Guide, Harumi Murakami, can go anywhere in Tokyo and beyond.


・Raising Awareness - Making your life richer through cross-cultural experiences,
new discoveries and new ways of thinking/looking at things.

・Offering 3 Experience of Delight - Offering many types of opportunities to enjoy Japan, such as Discussion Classes, Workshops, Seasonal Events and "NeedsArch (http://www.intlcentertokyo.com/needsarch)" (Research and Matching business for companies).

・Providing "Home" for Everyone - Providing warm and open “Home” for everyone
who wants to find and share attractive aspects of Japan.

See More: ICT Pages! (http://www.meetup.com/The-International-Center-in-Tokyo-ICT/about/)

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Contact Jojo at info@intlcentertokyo.com for more information!

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